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  The reason why you need Jet Set Extension Cuticle hair  


Only Jet Set Extension has the most beautiful healthy Cuticle Hair available.

Cuticle is the outermost part of the hair structure and its function is to reduce nutrition loss and block the invasion of foreign matter. And it is the most important part to keep your hair look healthy, beautiful with long lusciousness.

There are so many reasons next to you which make your hair damaged.
If you are thinking about your hair healthier, longer lasting and fuller hair, or simply change your look, you are at right place.
This is our cuticle Remy extension and Pre-Glued hair->.
Our Cuticle Extension hair and Pre-Glued Hair can simply change your look younger, healthier and more beautiful than you have been searching for.

You would have the finest hair at the price of factory. We discarded every frills to provide our hair at 'Reasonable price'.


Make a right choice of your new hair.

Make a choice of Cuticle not stripped and cuticle closed hair

1. To keep the sulfur bridge. That affect the elasticity of hair.
2. To prevent Hydrogen peroxide increased in Sulfur bridges. If it is more than necessary, it makes our hair
brittle and looked dry.
3. To prevent losing sulfur bonds. It cause the hair to harden, lose weight and diameter.
4. To have your hair luster. If hair cuticles open and light is distracted, hair loses its luster and looked dull.

  How much do you know about hair?
  Everybody has hair, but how much do you know about it? Actually, there are approximately 130,000 hairs on our head. The average diameter of each hair is 70 micrometers and its cross section can be oval, round or elongated. Hair grows at the rate of 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month. Individual hairs grow for 2 to 6 years (while eyebrows have a lifespan of only a few months), then stop growing and fall out. They fall out 10 to 12 weeks after dying and are new hairs growing in their place.

When you walk on the street, there are many people with different hair colour and style. Some of them are naturally different from yours, but most of them are dyed and permed artificially.
But we need to think about How your hair damaged.
  First of all, let us tell you about the composition and the structure.

Composition of hair

Actually, hair is composed of a macromolecular proteinaceous material known as keratin. This is the same kind of protein that makes up the nails and the outer layer of skin.

Structure of hair

Certainly, each strand of hair consists of three layers, which are the medulla, cortex and cuticle respectively.
The medulla, is composed of a softer keratin-rich.

Secondly, The cortex is the inner bulk of the hair which forms the main body of the hair. It is composed of a much softer, fibrous, crystalline keratin. It provides strength and both the colour and the texture of hair. The cortex itself is composed of a large number of cortical cells,

  held together by an intercellular binding material know as the cell membrane complex.
The cortex cells themselves are long and thin in shape and, for this reason, are often referred to as spindle cells. Moreover, it is responsible for the mechanical properties of the hair and dictates the deformation and tensile behaviour of hair when it is subjected to external forces.

Lastly, the cuticle is the outermost surface of the hair shaft and is composed of a very hard keratinous substance. It consists of flattened platelets of amphorous keratin, wrapped around the hair shaft in several layers, each layer overlapping the adjacent one progressing from the root of the hair to its tip. A cross section of each cuticle scale reveals that it is sub-divided into three further layers, the endocuticle, exocuticle and epicuticle respectively. The latter one being the outermost layer.

But your dedicated hair easily damaged by many reasons. In fact, there are many disadvantages concerning the use of hair artificially!

1. Some chemicals that damaging your hair

The hair itself is held by ionic bond, hydrogen bond and covalent sulfur bridge. And it is mainly the sulfur bridge that affect the elasticity of hair.

There are sulfur-containing thiol group in cysteine which is the hairí»s main protein. They are separated form each other mostly. But still some of them are crossed linked by forming covalent disulfide bond or sulfur bridge (-S-S-) with the nearby Cysteine by oxidation removing one H form each sulfhydryl group (-SH), making up a Cystine.

A suitable amounts of sulfur bridge is important in enhancing the elasticity of hair due to the strength of the disulfide bond. But if there are too many ?S-S-bridge, the hair will become brittle instead. Ití»s because the oxidized cysteine put the negatively charged COO -- near each other. The repulsive force is so great that even the covalent sulfur bridge cannot compensate and hair can be broken easily. Moreover, the basic protein structure is damaged.

There are mainly 3 types of chemicals that damage the structure of our hair. They are Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia and the developer used.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

It is used as an oxidizing and bleaching agent to remove color pigment from hair. The more concentrated the peroxide, the greater the oxidizing effect. Hydrogen peroxide used leads to the formation of more sulfur bridges by removing hydrogen atoms from some ?SH groups, enabling the remaining ?S atoms to form bonds. This increased in Sulfur bridges is more than necessary so it makes our hair brittle and looked dry.

  • Ammonia

Like all alkaline, the ammonia has the tendency to separate the cuticle and allows the permanent hair color to penetrate the cortex of hair. It acts as a reducing agent to brake the (-S-S-) bond into (-SH HS-). As mentioned above, a particular sum of sulfur bridge is essential in keeping the hair elastic. So, if the ammonia is too harsh, the hair will lose more of the sulfur bonds than necessary. It cause the hair to harden, lose weight and diameter.

  • Developers

The higher the volume of the developer, the greater the amount of sulfur is removed from the hair structure. The hair will loss its elasticity due to the lack of necessary amounts of sulfur bridge. Furthermore, when we lighten natural hair, the oxidation of the melanin will give a reduction of the natural pigments. The granular pigments will transform into diffused pigments which explains the apparitions of reflecting more or less intense as the decoloration. Thatí»s why most developers are maintained at 30 volume or less.

2. Swimming pool

Do you wonder why our hair become brown after swimming in a pool, being under the sun or even after frequently blow dry? The following information may solve your problems.
Everyone recognize the swimming pool by its strong smell. It is Chlorine used for sterilization. When Chlorine is dissolved in water, it is rapidly hydrolyzed to hydrochloric acid (HCl) and hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which in turn are partially ionized. The Chloride ion from HCl and hypochlorite ions (OCl --) exist in equilibrium.

Firstly, hypochlorite ion is also a strong oxidizing agent and has bleaching power.
As some of the black melanin is oxidized, the hair looked paler in colour in overall.

Secondly, Chlorine is also a strong oxidizing agent and it can oxidize melanin (the black pigment), so our hair looked brown or coppery.

Thirdly, chlorine can alter the electrical charge on minerals in the hair causing them to form bond more strongly to the hair, and may even change the color of certain minerals. It can be done as our hair is naturally negatively charged. The highly charged minerals may in turn damage or discolor the hair.

Fourthly and most surprisingly, the Copper sulfate that pools use to counteract the chlorine smell is the real enemy of blonde hair. As our hair is negatively charged. The Cu 2+ ions stick on the hair and gives blonde hair a greenish tinge.
Prevention: mix equal amounts of tomato juice and vodka and saturate your hair in it for 15 minutes before shampooing.

3. Su

As mentioned above, hair is made by protein which can be denatured easily by high temperature. The suní»s burning rays can deplete the protein in the outer later, leaving hair dry, brittle and even a fade in color. Dark shades can lose their luster and light ones may go brassy. In addition, melanin is

very sensitive to the UV light form the sun which can also oxidize it. Thatí»s why blow dry hair has a paler color, the reason is simply extra heating.
Protection: Use hair product which contains Zinc oxide (shield against through UV spectrum), Vitamin E (anti-oxidant) or Benzophene-4 (UV-filter).

One more reason of making your hair damage is alkalinity. It opens the hair cuticle. Hair has luster in acidic condition when hair cuticles closed and light is reflected. In contrast, hair cuticles open in alkaline condition and light is distracted, hair loses its luster and looked dull.

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