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Q. What can JetSetExtension do for me?
  JetSetExtension can make your hair longer and thicker than you ever thought possible. It will allow you to have highlights or lowlights instantly without having to process your hair chemically.
Q. How much hair do I need?

4oz is usually enough for an average size head. You may like more than 4oz of hair if:
Y you are going quite a bit longer than your own hair, your hair is thick or you have a short haircut. You can add as much hair as you like making your new hair extensions as thick or long as you want.

Q. How long will the service take?
  This would depend on the quantity desired. A tipical full head of extensions can take 2 to 3 hours, and less for partials.
Q. Are hair extensions damaging to my own hair?

On the contrary! Hair extensions do not damage your hair and wearing them will allow it to be just beautiful. (grow healthier than ever before.

Q. How long can I expect my hair extensions to last?

As with any system, hair extensions should not be left in for more than 3 to 4 months. This is mainly due to the grow out factor. Once your hair grows out 2" or more, the extensions become unstable and can break your own hair.

Q. Am I required to change my hair color to match the new hair?
  No, JetSetExtension has a complete line of beautiful colors in a variety of hair types and your Hairstylist can match your hair extensions to your own including highlighted hair.
Q. Are hair extensions uncomfortable to wear?
  No. With proper technique there is no pain during nor after the service. Most people don't even realize they have them on.
Q. How expensive are hair extensions?
  Every person has different needs and therefore we apply the hair extensions to fit each individual. Length of hair as well as hair type and quantity applied effect cost. Your stylist can give you a free consultation including pricing.
Q. Are hair extensions difficult to maintain?
  Your Stylist will advise you as to how to properly maintain your hair extensions. What shampoo to use, conditioner and so forth. With proper care you will notice very little difference between your own hair and wearing hair extensions.
Q. What is Slim Weft?
  The slim-wefted hair is a much smaller and thinner weft than the regular machine wefted hair(Usually called Hand-Tied weft). These wefts are handmade so that the hair is more secure and allows longer wear per track than the regular machine wefts. It dramatically reduces shedding! The slim weft also reduces the bulkiness of the track when it is weaved on. This allows the hair to flow much more freely and provide a lot of body.

Each of the slim wefts we have available in different lengths and textures are approximately 10" wide so that the whole piece is to be used without being cut. It is advisable to use the whole piece without cutting it. If the weft is too long for the track, then fold over at the end and continue to finish the piece. If you want to cut, finish the cut using glue using fusion glue gun.

This is for weaving only. Although, some have tried to use the slim wefted hair to bond it on, but due to their small weft it's very difficult to apply the bonding glue onto the track without getting it on the hair.

Q. What method is preferable for my Hair Extensions?
  You can have any method, most importantly to keep your own hair from damaging is proper maintenance and having them on for up to 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. Your own hair sheds up to 250 hairs daily. You will have shedding hair trapped in your extensions. As more and more hair shed, the extensions will put tension on the remaining hair and therefore that remaining hair cannot hold up the weight of the extension and shedding hairs combined.
Jet Set Extension hair can last for as long as 12 months in good care, but you want to prevent your own hair from damaging.
Remember to brush 3x daily to keep shedding hair face down and prevent dreads and matting.

If your hair is oily, prefer to use oily styling product or doing excercise a lot, we do not recommend Pre-glued method. because if oil get inside the glue attachment, it will make the glue and hair apart.

Your stylist will teach you the proper way to do for your extensions and preserve the health of your existing hair.


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